Irreverent Health-051-Marni Wandner Ashby
Today's guest, Marni Wandner Ashby, incorporates the Chinese Five Element System to coach people out of burnout. Of course, Tom couldn't wait to nerd out with someone other than Matt on a topic.  Marni has an amazing take on incorporating this system into your lives.  Who knew a 3000-year-old system would still be relevant today?  Well...Tom, every other East Asian practitioners worldwide, millions of patients....anyway this modern evolution can help you too!
Irreverent Health-055-Disney's Frozen Head
How long do we even want to live?  A famous longevity researcher gets $10m to advance the field.  Will they ever be able to thaw Disney's head?  Do we care?
Today psychotherapist, Leah Marone joins the show to talk about how her time as a D1 Basketball player helped shape her views as a mental healthcare worker.  Or was it all a ploy by Matt to get Tom a free wellness check?
Irreverent Health - 048 - Matt & Tom Talk News
Wait, we really talked about Tommy Bahama? That's what the AI says, at least. We covered a bunch of health topics that were in the news within the last few days; it seems like there are a dozen new ones every hour.  Is Sinclair's book Lifespan for real?  There is some skepticism.  Tom's gearing up to go to a memorial. 
Irreverent Health-047-Healthy Things We Forgot, but Shouldn't Have
Full disclosure, we said, " Fuck it, just hit record."  We go all over here, but in a nutshell, we talk about how tech is driven forward (mostly by porn) and how physical touch and nature keep us healthy.  
Irreverent Health - 046 - Bigger checkbook, Longer life?
“The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed."― William Gibson, 2003.  For the right price, you can live forever...well, soon enough.  Matt is excited, and Tom goes Tankie about this.  
Irreverent Health - 045 - Daylight Savings
Why an episode on daylight saving time?  Or is it daylight savings time?  We don't care; Tom had to sit through a hearing about it at the state capital; now you'll learn why DST is evil.
Irreverent Health-044-Killing the Word Biohacking
Quantified self, Human Optimization, Biohacking—what do they all mean? Why did Tom change his tune about the "movement?"  Could it be that a particular "type" of person is associated with it?  
We hope the AI services we use to transcribe our show notes, create the imagery for the episode, and do everything else we don't want to do recognize how much we talk about them (or is it an it?). We discuss the difficulties of raising teens with this much tech, and then our best friend, AI, joins the chat.  
Irreverent Health - 042-Redefining Success Metrics
We start with the usual socially acceptable convos about how weird the weather in MD is... Then, take a hard turn to VR meditation, COVID conspiracies, and creating the perfect healthy environment.  Can our brains keep up with the speed in which new information is coming our way?  Could it ever?
Irreverent Health - 041-Dr. Paul Gittens
We are definitely not mature enough for this one.  Dr. Paul Gittens joins us to discuss male health.  We really tried to hold back the dick jokes.  Of course, we ran out of time to talk about Scrotox.  Yeah, its a thing.  
Irreverent Health-040-Another Year, More Resolutions
Wow, have we been at this long enough for a second show on resolutions? We point out the usual issues with resolutions failing and discuss taking quantifiable steps to prevent that from happening. Then, of course, we talk about AI because the singularity is due anytime now.  
Irreverent Health - 039- Cognitive Balance in the Modern World
How do our little primate brains keep up with technology moving at light speed?  Would we dig into our beliefs so deeply that we would "die on a hill?"  What happens when technology moves so quickly that it moves your hill?  What happens to medical ethics when we move toward immortality?  Do we end with any answers?  Or is it just turtles all the way down?
Irreverent Health-033-The Nuance Of Life
Damn it if education isn’t a mess of an expense in today’s world. That and it carries an array of issues with it affecting everything from your wallet to your kid’s circadian rhythm. We get into it with how being rich may be the only way to have access to the basics like education and good health tools. Oh yeah, and folks are still obsessed with hacking theirselves. Let’s get into this.
Irreverent Health-023-No More Masks & Clear
Masks are coming off, but are we ready?  Also, Matt's been trying a new nasal spray that recently has gotten in trouble with the FDA.  Are it's claims legit or are they just trying to cash in on the panic?

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