Irreverent Health-066-Scromiting and Cancer Microscopes
Today, we cover a few articles that were recently published.  AI, cancer technology, and Scrolling? The last one is definitely written by the remaining "Just Say No" spokesperson. 
Irreverent Health-065-Simeon Schnapper
Out on the road today, I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.  No, Don Henley isn't on the show.  We did better; Simeon Schnapper, head of JLS Fund: A Plant MedicineFund, joins us.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to the show, and we talk about investing in psychedelics, the issues between traditional use and modern medicine, and, most importantly, how to be ethical in this newly emerging world.  This guy has been at the forefront of this field for so long that we could have talked to him for hours and almost did.  We hope he comes back just to hang out.  
Irreverent Health-064-Patenting your Cool AI Thing
AI again? We just talked about that last week.  Seriously, this will be the biggest disruptor around, and yes, it could revolutionize your health and everything else.  
Irreverent Health-063-Lenerd Louw
Who doesn't love talking about sexual practices?  Lenerd Louw shares his journey from being a party animal to finding a balance between the masculine and feminine by harnessing sexual power.  Oddly, we didn't mention dicks as much as you'd think.
Irreverent Health-062-Editing, Manipulation,and Bias in our New
All marketing is a lie.  We'd be scared to make that comment if we were more well-known.  Yes, even the scientific study you heard about on the news may misrepresent the data to make you feel a certain way.  We're starting to feel Rowdy Roddy Piper putting on sunglasses in They Live.  Google it, it's a cult classic.  
Irreverent Health-061-Justin Glaser
Cue C+C Music Factory.  Okay, we're old.  But today's guest is Justin Glaser, who wrote the book Sweat.  Justin shares his health journey and the reasons he wrote a book about sauna use.  It's a quick ready with great interviews and even has a protocol to help people use saunas for detoxification.  Okay, seriously, does anyone have an old Jock Jams CD?  We really need to hear that song. 
Irreverent Health-060-Canada's on Fire...Literally
As if allergies in Maryland weren't enough.  The sky is orange, and everything is on fire.  What good is biohacking if your whole world is toxic?
Irreverent Health-059-Jill Sitnick
Who thought talking about massive trauma could be so much fun?  Today, Jill Sitnick shares her trauma and, more importantly, her passion for MDMA-assisted therapy.  Even without talking to Molly, we loved this show and Jill's mission.  
Irreverent Health-058-Permissions
Did you ever have that one really good idea and failed to act?  Can you go back?  What if the information is even more relevant now?  Matt found an old sketchbook and inspired this conversation. 
Irreverent Health-057-Loneliness
Feeling like a social smoker? You're not wrong! This talk exposed loneliness as the new health hazard. We're talking major mental health risks. Time to ditch the solo act and build real connections, not just chase online likes. Let's prioritize genuine connections – they're the real wellness hack!
Irreverent Health-056-Victoria Dorsano
Ever feel like every health "influencer" is just hocking services and products just to make a buck?  Us too.  Today, health coach Victoria Dorsano joined us to chime in on the topic.  
Irreverent Health-055-AI Explosion & Religion
Garbage in = garbage out.  What can we do to keep AI from picking up our biases?  We see it happening in every sector when AI is involved.  We're not sure how to fix it...should we ask AI?
Irreverent Health-054-Porn Addiction with Jessica Jordan
Matt and Tom learn how much porn is too much. Do we listen? Probably not. Seriously, our guest Jessica Jordan talks all about sex addiction, helping men deal with porn addiction, and naturally...surveying west coast forests of owls and nearly dying from bad smoked oysters.
Seems like everyone is looking for the magic weight loss bullet.  Tom tried it. Now you all have to hear about it.  
It seems like we talk about biases all the time.  We're trying to be more aware of ours, so we dove into a BIG source of bias...religion. Funny we never get hate mail from the atheists.

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