Tom, as usual, is pissed off about the state of his profession.  Matt lets him vent for a bit, then tries to convince him it's a non-issue.
More and more technology is paving the way for online mental healthcare.  Is texting your therapist great?  How about having a zoom call for your anxiety?  We talk about this and are sure we meander into related health tech topics.  Our therapist says it's our avoidance issues.
Irreverent Health-021-Vaccine Passports & Legal Crap
Where is healthcare in America headed?  That's a good question.  One possible avenue is concierge medicine.  Matt and Tom discuss Matt's experience signing up with a concierge company and the big differences between that system and your standard primary care.
We wanted to make fun of this one, but we learned an important lesson after listening.  Wu Tang ain’t nothing to fuck with!  RZA knows his shit! These tracks cover the basic tenants of meditation and are over some pretty sick beats. Plugging a tea company was the only thing we found funny.
Just Matt and Tom, drunk on bourbon, singing Auld Lang Syne.  JK, we may have been a little high, though.  What are we resolving to do in the new year?  Are resolutions a good thing?  Most people drop them before February is out, right?
Why does it seem like every time a new Guru becomes famous, they turn out to be a real piece of shit?  Seriously, preying on those who are already traumatized.  This one had red flags all over it!
Aristotle said, “ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”  Colonel Sanders said, “ I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.” At least, according to Ricky Bobby. What kind of weird habits do we keep and why?  What should we be doing to keep ourselves healthy?
Welcome to our first book club meeting.  We read Lifespan by David Sinclair.  We talk about his deep dive into longevity research which will invariably cause us to try some stuff out.  Do you really want to live forever?
Tom has cryotherapy at his office. Matt walks his kids to school without a coat.  We’ve tried the Wim Hoff method.  Cold showers? Yep do them too.  Today we discuss getting cold.  *Cue Disney’s Frozen soundtrack*
Why are we talking about this?  It seems like everyone we bump into is a certified breathwork coach. Isn’t breathing autonomic?  Tom read the book Breath by James Nestor. Let’s discuss!
Does it seem like your favorite health influencer *gags while saying that term* is constantly posting a new device, supplement, or product on IG?  Chances are they are getting a piece of the action.  We understand that this is one of their main ways to earn money. But is it ethical?  How do we sell out? Seriously, send us free stuff!
Let's face it; men are just big kids with more expensive toys. Today we discuss some of our favorite health devices sitting within reach of our recording studios.  Surprisingly, we didn’t even get through all our stuff! 
Matt went to a trade show!  What did he do to stay COVID-free?  How did he prep before the flight?  What did he do on the flight?  What did he do when he arrived?  Did we mention it was a cannabis trade show?  We will fill you in. Click the play button. 
Here’s our commentary on the top 10 basic health tips.  We talk about how much water to drink, processed foods, and all the regular advice you have heard repeatedly.  We dig into these common health tips and see if they have any merit. 
Not sure if it's the drugs or what, but we had a topic we were going to talk about, then we started talking about psychedelics again. Like true psychonauts, we went where we were drawn. 

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