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What better way to gain new listeners than talking about sex, right? Orgasmic Meditation, or OMing, is supposed to offer a way for people, especially females, to be more relaxed and in touch with their spiritual side.  It’s all about expensive seminars and random people massaging your genitals.  What could be wrong with that?

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Having trouble concentrating, winding down, or getting into deep meditation?  Binaural beats may help “trick” your brain into these states.  Hear about the science and how Tom and Matt use these tracks.

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Matt questions Tom about his career path and how traditional concepts of Traditional East Asian Medicine can be translated using modern research.  Yes, we talk about Qi and Meridians, but we also talk about autonomic nervous system response, blood flow modulation, the endorphin response, and the endocannabinoid system.  A lot is going on when you get treated.

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No, we did not play Roxanne and take shots every time Sting says red light.  We’re pretty sure that would kill us.  We discussed one of our favorite therapies in the field of photobiomodulation. Red light panels have become somewhat ubiquitous over the past few years. Do they hold up to the hype?

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Irreverent Health

What happens when you decide the best way to market community is by rubbing a clitoris in a clockwise motion for an exact amount of time? You go to jail eventually and we, well, we make fun of you. 

Then, we drink some gin, wine, tequila, or anything else within grasp, possibly smoke a joint, and well, keep making fun of you. 

But we are also incredibly passionate about whatever is conversation-worthy in the biohacker, life-extension, acupuncture, wearable technologies, psychedelics, supplements, health charlatans, overnight weight loss fads, which diets were better for neolithic ancestors we never personally met, public health policies, esoteric philosophical arguments about digital consciousness, and well they told me I had to stop typing. You get the idea.

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Tom Ingegno

Tom needs to write a little something here. 

Matt Hampton

Matt runs a digital production company, an online cannabis accessory store, is writing a book on multi-disciplinary thinking and metacognition, and loves all things health hacking and optimizing. When he is not obsessing over the dosing schedule of, well, anything, he really, really likes his telescopes.