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Irreverent Health-081-SAD
Do you get the blues in the winter?  Not the cool BB King type.  The "Is this even worth it" kind. Well, a recent study just said Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may not be a thing.  That doesn't make us fell any better.
“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner”

Irreverent Health

What happens when you decide the best way to market community is by rubbing a clitoris in a clockwise motion for an exact amount of time? You go to jail eventually and we, well, we make fun of you. 

Then, we drink some gin, wine, tequila, or anything else within grasp, possibly smoke a joint, and well, keep making fun of you. 

But we are also incredibly passionate about whatever is conversation-worthy in the biohacker, life-extension, acupuncture, wearable technologies, psychedelics, supplements, health charlatans, overnight weight loss fads, which diets were better for neolithic ancestors we never personally met, public health policies, esoteric philosophical arguments about digital consciousness, and well they told me I had to stop typing. You get the idea.

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These are the guys who won't stop talking

Tom Ingegno

Tom is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and has been practicing since 2001.  He released his second book, The Cupping Book: Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Healing, in January 2024.  When he’s not podcasting or in the clinic, he enjoys meditating, swinging kettlebells, and studying traditional and integrative therapies.   

Matt Hampton

Matt runs a digital production company, an online cannabis accessory store, is writing a book on multi-disciplinary thinking and metacognition, and loves all things health hacking and optimizing. When he is not obsessing over the dosing schedule of, well, anything, he really, really likes his telescopes.

This isn't our first one. We have more!

Irreverent Health-074-Elizabeth Fisher
We are thrilled to have Elizabeth Fisher, EFT or Tapping Expert, on the show.  Have you ever felt the emotional hit of your condition more than the physical symptoms?  Could it all be in your head?  It could, but tapping may really help you release that.  We talk about some real weird conditions and how Liz helps people get back to health.  
Irreverent Health-073-Dr. Dave Montgomery
When we landed Dr. Dave Montgomery, we knew he would be a great guest.  He has his own podcast, like ours, but with a studio, a band, and really well-educated guests.  Other than our brilliant guests, I guess we do not have that much in common.  Tom does the show in a converted closet in his basement.  While that is sad, Dr. Dave brought passion and energy, and we had a brilliant discussion about the need to reach people with proper messaging about health.
Irreverent Health-072-Amy Reiley
Aphrodisiacs, is it all in your head?  Do eggplant and peach emojis do it for you?  Shuck a couple dozen oysters and listen to the boys talk with Amy Reiley, author of a bunch of cookbooks that will keep your pasta "al dente," if you know what we mean.  If you don't know what we mean, well, you might want to check out the episode on penile health.
Irreverent Health-071-Ariel Gartner
Ariel Garten...we got Ariel Garten. Please consider this episode our ode to her.  Meditation has been a cornerstone of our lives; Muse Headband has made it better.  Ariel is the company's co-founder, and when we're not being total fanboys, she explains the ins and outs of this medical-grade home device.  Yes, we have an affiliate link, just ask.  
Irreverent Health-070-Dr. Dave Heitmann
Some people are on another level.  Let us introduce Dr. Dave Heitmann. We talk about AI, but this guy is about to use it to make people immortal.  Well, not immortal, but a hell of a lot healthier, at least.  Imaging all your data from smart devices pulled together to create a perfect diet, exercise, and health regimen for you. True N=1 shit.
Irreverent Health-069-Dr. Mary Sanders
Dr. Mary Sanders joins us to talk about spiritual women of a certain age and the importance of whole-being support.  
Irreverent Health-067-Dr. Amelia Scott Barrett
Migraines suck! We lucked out getting Dr. B on the show.  Not only is she fun to talk with, but she's also helping people (especially women) who suffer from chronic migraines.  She's making functional medicine more accessible by covering all your body's systems through online courses.  
Irreverent Health-065-Simeon Schnapper
Out on the road today, I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.  No, Don Henley isn't on the show.  We did better; Simeon Schnapper, head of JLS Fund: A Plant MedicineFund, joins us.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to the show, and we talk about investing in psychedelics, the issues between traditional use and modern medicine, and, most importantly, how to be ethical in this newly emerging world.  This guy has been at the forefront of this field for so long that we could have talked to him for hours and almost did.  We hope he comes back just to hang out.  
Irreverent Health-063-Lenerd Louw
Who doesn't love talking about sexual practices?  Lenerd Louw shares his journey from being a party animal to finding a balance between the masculine and feminine by harnessing sexual power.  Oddly, we didn't mention dicks as much as you'd think.
Irreverent Health - 048 - Matt & Tom Talk News
Wait, we really talked about Tommy Bahama? That's what the AI says, at least. We covered a bunch of health topics that were in the news within the last few days; it seems like there are a dozen new ones every hour.  Is Sinclair's book Lifespan for real?  There is some skepticism.  Tom's gearing up to go to a memorial. 
Irreverent Health-068-Jeff-Pearson
Have you ever judged someone getting out of a car with a handicapped sticker that doesn't "look" sick?  We all have, but Jeff Pearson is here to explain why we shouldn't.
Irreverent Health-061-Justin Glaser
Cue C+C Music Factory.  Okay, we're old.  But today's guest is Justin Glaser, who wrote the book Sweat.  Justin shares his health journey and the reasons he wrote a book about sauna use.  It's a quick ready with great interviews and even has a protocol to help people use saunas for detoxification.  Okay, seriously, does anyone have an old Jock Jams CD?  We really need to hear that song. 

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