Time,time,time, see whats become of me…


It seems like everything is moving faster than ever.  COVID is changing, health technology is speeding past us, and will we be able not to die?  As usual we bounce around, but one thing is consistent we agree time is moving differently.

It seems like everything is moving faster than ever.  COVID is changing, health technology is speeding past us, and will we be able not to die?  As usual we bounce around, but one thing is consistent we agree time is moving differently.


In this conversation, Tom and Matt discuss various topics related to health and wellness. They provide personal updates and discuss the importance of creating a healthy environment. They also explore the concept of illness prevention and the value of nasal irrigation. The conversation delves into the benefits of flavonoids and mushrooms for overall health. They emphasize the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and discuss the challenges of interpreting COVID-related studies. They also share their personal experiences with COVID. The conversation covers various topics related to health practices and the COVID-19 pandemic. The speakers discuss early signs of COVID-19 and the variability in symptoms. They also talk about personal health habits and the risks of self-experimentation. The complexity of health studies and the importance of consistency in health practices are explored. The concept of the law of signatures and the benefits of common sense health practices are discussed. The conversation also touches on the challenges of acquiring knowledge and the influence of belief and perception. The speakers share their experiences with nootropics and brain stimulation, as well as the benefits of microdosing. The conversation concludes with a discussion on self-regulation and focus. In this conversation, Tom and Matt discuss the challenges, emerging technologies, impact on society, ethical considerations, and future possibilities in the industry.


Creating a healthy environment is essential for overall well-being.
Illness prevention and health maintenance should be prioritized.
Nasal irrigation can be beneficial for respiratory health.
Flavonoids and mushrooms have potential health benefits.
Adopting a healthy lifestyle is crucial for long-term health.
Interpreting COVID-related studies can be challenging.
Personal experiences with COVID vary. Early signs of COVID-19 can vary and may not always be recognized as related to the virus.
Personal health habits play a role in individual responses to infections like COVID-19.
It is important to approach health practices with caution and avoid self-experimentation without proper guidance.
Common sense health practices, such as eating nutritious foods and getting enough sleep, can have a significant impact on overall well-being.
Consistency in health practices is key to achieving long-term benefits.
The acquisition of knowledge requires time and effort, and it is important to critically evaluate sources of information.
Microdosing and brain stimulation techniques can have potential benefits, but should be approached with caution and proper research.
Self-regulation and focus are important for maintaining productivity and achieving goals. The industry is facing various challenges that need to be addressed.
Emerging technologies are shaping the future of the industry.
The impact of technology on society is significant and requires careful consideration.
Ethical considerations play a crucial role in the industry.
There are exciting possibilities for the future of the industry.


00:00 Introduction and Personal Updates
02:00 Creating a Healthy Environment
04:23 Illness Prevention and Health Maintenance
12:39 The Value of Nasal Irrigation
18:45 The Importance of Flavonoids and Mushrooms
23:10 Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle
27:39 Chasing COVID-related Studies
30:00 Personal Experiences with COVID
31:22 Early Signs of COVID-19
32:23 Variability in COVID-19 Symptoms
33:03 Personal Health Habits and COVID-19
34:09 The Dangers of Self-Experimentation
35:14 The Complexity of Health Studies
36:36 The Risks of Buying Non-Prescription Drugs
37:39 Balancing Health Practices
39:08 The Importance of Consistency
40:43 The Law of Signatures
44:15 Common Sense Health Practices
46:06 The Challenge of Acquiring Knowledge
48:30 The Need for Common Health Practices
50:04 The Influence of Belief and Perception
53:31 The Benefits of Nootropics
56:12 Exploring Brain Stimulation
59:31 The Power of Microdosing
01:02:00 Self-Regulation and Focus
05:00 Challenges in the Industry
10:00 Emerging Technologies
15:00 Impact on Society
20:00 Ethical Considerations
25:00 Future Possibilities