No More Masks & Clear
Irreverent Health-023-No More Masks & Clear


Masks are coming off, but are we ready?  Also, Matt's been trying a new nasal spray that recently has gotten in trouble with the FDA.  Are it's claims legit or are they just trying to cash in on the panic?

Masks are coming off, but are we ready?  Also, Matt’s been trying a new nasal spray that recently has gotten in trouble with the FDA.  Are it’s claims legit or are they just trying to cash in on the panic?


The conversation explores various perspectives and debates surrounding COVID-19 and the use of XClear nasal spray as a preventive measure. The chapters cover topics such as the lifting of mask mandates, the rationality of COVID-19 prevention measures, the influence of conspiracy theories, the role of pharmaceutical companies, the limitations of scientific studies, the power of emotional influence, the importance of critical thinking, and the challenges of objective reporting. The conversation also delves into the marketing tactics of XClear and the complexities of scientific research and publication. The conversation delves into the claims made by certain products, such as nasal sprays and mouthwash, in relation to their effectiveness against COVID-19. The hosts question the validity of these claims and discuss the limitations of the studies supporting them. They emphasize the importance of critically evaluating information and not relying solely on anecdotal evidence or personal experiences. The conversation also touches on the complexity of health studies and the uniqueness of individual biology. Overall, the hosts encourage listeners to approach health advice with caution and to consult trusted medical professionals for guidance.


The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked debates and differing perspectives on preventive measures and vaccination.
Objective reporting and critical thinking are crucial in navigating the abundance of information and misinformation surrounding COVID-19.
Marketing tactics can influence public perception and acceptance of certain products or treatments.
Scientific studies should follow rigorous methodologies and be subject to peer review to ensure credibility.
Individuals should approach health-related claims with skepticism and consider evidence-based research before making decisions. Question the claims made by products and evaluate the evidence supporting them.
Be cautious of anecdotal evidence and personal experiences when assessing the effectiveness of health products.
Consider the limitations of studies and the uniqueness of individual biology when interpreting research findings.
Consult trusted medical professionals for accurate and reliable health advice.


00:00 Introduction and COVID-19 Restrictions
01:12 Mixed Feelings about Lifting Mask Mandates
03:06 The Rationality of COVID-19 Prevention Measures
04:01 Intelligent Planning Based on Biological Facts
05:11 The Influence of Conspiracy Theories
06:06 The Role of Pharmaceutical Companies
07:28 The Limitations of Scientific Studies
08:13 The Power of Emotional Influence
09:32 The Unique Perspectives of Matt and Tom
10:01 The Need for Critical Thinking
11:09 The Importance of Open-Mindedness
12:24 The Challenge of Objective Reporting
13:31 The Influence of Media Bias
14:47 Choosing Alternative News Sources
15:27 The Flurry of COVID-19 Conversations
18:08 The Potential Benefits of XClear
19:03 The Marketing Tactics of XClear
20:18 The Safety and Financial Impact of XClear
21:42 The Complexity of Scientific Studies
22:40 The Role of Pay-for-Play Journals
23:41 The Government’s Response to XClear
25:12 The CEO’s Marketing Strategy
26:10 The Limitations of XClear’s Claims
27:30 The Importance of Rigorous Scientific Methodology
28:31 The Challenges of Publishing Scientific Studies
30:09 The Misleading Claims of XClear
30:29 Questioning the Claims
31:19 The Mouthwash Debate
33:23 The Duration of Protection
34:38 The Origins of Listerine
36:19 The Complexity of COVID-19
39:20 The Ethics of Product Claims
41:21 The Limitations of Studies
44:04 Exploring Other Health Topics
48:36 The Uniqueness of Individual Biology
54:59 The Complexity of Health Studies
56:27 The Interpretation of Study Results
58:45 The Dangers of Misinformation
01:00:57 Navigating the Landscape of Health Advice
01:01:40 The Curiosity of Exploring Different Topics