Mental Health Online


More and more technology is paving the way for online mental healthcare.  Is texting your therapist great?  How about having a zoom call for your anxiety?  We talk about this and are sure we meander into related health tech topics.  Our therapist says it's our avoidance issues.

More and more technology is paving the way for online mental healthcare.  Is texting your therapist great?  How about having a zoom call for your anxiety?  We talk about this and are sure we meander into related health tech topics.  Our therapist says it’s our avoidance issues.


The conversation begins with an explanation of a sniffle and transitions to a discussion on online activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The hosts explore the concept of virtual hape ceremonies and the accessibility of San Pedro and Peyote. They also touch on the impact of the internet on information gathering and the challenges of finding reliable information online. The conversation delves into the effects of online interactions on mental health and the dangers of online echo chambers. The hosts reflect on personal experiences with online debates and the importance of face-to-face conversations. They discuss the influence of media bias and fear-mongering, as well as the complexity of global issues and misinformation. The conversation concludes with a call for honest conversations and a recognition of the dream-like state of online interactions. The conversation explores the challenges and changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. It delves into the need for personal growth and finding new paths to overcome the difficulties of the current situation. The impact of technology on communication and the importance of language are also discussed. The conversation highlights the complexity of human behavior and the need for empathy and understanding. It concludes with a discussion on the value of multidisciplinary thinking in solving problems and navigating the complexities of the world. The conversation explores the concept of well-rounded informed opinions and the value of having a wide range of interests. The hosts discuss how individuals with this personality type can provide insights and perspectives on various topics. They also mention their plans for future discussions and express excitement about upcoming conversations.


The internet has made it easier to access information, but it has also led to the spread of misinformation and the formation of echo chambers.
Engaging in online debates can be tempting, but it is important to approach them with civility and respect for differing opinions.
The isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in online interactions, which can negatively impact mental health.
It is crucial to have face-to-face conversations and build real-life connections to counterbalance the negative effects of online interactions.
Media bias and fear-mongering contribute to the polarization of society and the distortion of information.
Recognizing the dream-like state of online interactions can help maintain perspective and prevent unnecessary conflicts. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant challenges and changes in people’s lives.
The internet and technology have had a profound impact on communication and language.
Understanding and empathizing with others is crucial in navigating the complexities of human behavior.
Multidisciplinary thinking is valuable in solving problems and adapting to a rapidly changing world. Having a well-rounded informed opinion requires a broad range of interests and knowledge.
Individuals with this personality type can provide valuable insights and perspectives on various topics.
Future discussions and conversations can be exciting and engaging.


00:00 Introduction and Sniffle Explanation
00:20 Transition to Topic of Online Activities During COVID
00:43 Discussion on Virtual Hape Ceremonies
02:07 Exploring the Idea of Trying New Things
03:18 The Accessibility of San Pedro and Peyote
04:19 Movie Reference and Personal Experiences
05:16 Availability of San Pedro and Peyote
06:07 Transition to the Impact of the Internet on Information Gathering
06:36 The Influence of Passion on Information Seeking
08:23 The Neglected Topic of Mental Health During COVID
09:45 The Challenge of Finding Reliable Information Online
11:18 The Temptation to Engage in Online Debates
17:06 The Impact of Online Interactions on Mental Health
18:12 The Effects of Isolation and Online Tribalism
19:01 The Dangers of Online Echo Chambers
20:02 Reflecting on Personal Online Interactions
21:00 The Importance of Face-to-Face Conversations
23:08 The Influence of Media Bias and Fear-Mongering
25:15 The Distortion of Information and Polarization
26:29 The Complexity of Global Issues and Misinformation
28:00 The Factors Affecting Gas Prices and Political Blame
30:08 The Need for Honest Conversations and Understanding
32:24 The Disconnect Between Online and Real-Life Interactions
34:32 Recognizing the Dream-Like State of Online Interactions
35:52 The Path to Change
36:56 The Intensity of COVID
37:39 The Complexity of People
38:35 The Loss of Travel Time
39:30 The Struggle to Cope
41:24 The Rise of Niche Groups
42:36 The Division of Micro Niche Interests
43:37 The Importance of Language
44:33 The Impact of the Internet on Language
45:32 The Challenge of Reading Context
46:28 The Increase in Human Savviness
47:41 The Feeling of Being Left Behind
48:07 The Difficulty of Keeping Up with Technology
49:33 The Impact of Social Media on Opinions
50:36 The Need for Sarcasm Emojis
52:43 The Importance of Intonation and Facial Expressions
55:33 The Challenge of Reading a Room
56:27 The Loss of Non-Verbal Communication
58:52 The Difficulty of Learning at a Faster Rate
01:00:46 The Impact of Stress on Communication
01:02:11 The Importance of Revisiting and Reflecting
01:03:24 The Experience of Getting a Tattoo
01:08:07 The Cathartic Experience of Tattoos
01:10:15 The Value of Multidisciplinary Thinking
01:12:05 Well-rounded informed opinions
01:12:35 Looking forward to future discussions