Broadening of Health Scopes


Tom, as usual, is pissed off about the state of his profession.  Matt lets him vent for a bit, then tries to convince him it's a non-issue.

Tom, as usual, is pissed off about the state of his profession.  Matt lets him vent for a bit, then tries to convince him it’s a non-issue.


In this conversation, Tom and Matt discuss the issue of dry needling and its impact on the field of acupuncture. They share stories about St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and the cultural appropriation of traditions. Tom explains the background of dry needling and how it has been appropriated by non-acupuncturists, such as physical therapists and chiropractors. They discuss the differences between plastic surgeons and pediatricians using Botox and the slide from chiropractors to personal trainers using acupuncture needles. Tom expresses his frustration with the lack of education and training required for dry needling practitioners and the potential negative consequences of allowing this practice. The conversation delves into the safety concerns of dry needling, particularly in relation to punctured lungs and the lack of proper training. The discussion then shifts to the evolution of martial arts and the differences between traditional practices and modern adaptations. The scope of practice and training in dry needling is explored, highlighting the potential risks of practitioners venturing into areas beyond their expertise. The conversation also touches on the capitalistic nature of healthcare and the potential for exploitation in the industry. Finally, the conversation contemplates the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare and the future impact of technological advancements. In this conversation, Tom and Matt discuss the importance of not giving energy to ridiculous conversations and being aware of where they spend their energy. They also talk about the concept of control and influence, emphasizing that while they can contribute to conversations and influence others, there are certain things that are outside of their control. They discuss accepting what’s outside of their control and not wasting energy on things they can’t change. They also touch on the rate of change and future challenges, as well as the importance of enjoying life’s pleasures and planning regular gatherings.


The issue of dry needling and its appropriation by non-acupuncturists is a significant concern in the field of acupuncture.
There is a lack of education and training required for practitioners of dry needling, which can lead to potential harm for patients.
The rapid evolution of therapies and the expanding ecosystem of treatments requires careful consideration and regulation to ensure patient safety.
The nuances of acupuncture education and practice, including the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine concepts, set it apart from other therapies.
Allowing the practice of dry needling without proper regulation and oversight can have long-lasting negative effects on the field of acupuncture. Proper training and expertise are crucial in ensuring the safety of dry needling procedures.
The evolution of martial arts highlights the importance of respecting traditional practices while embracing new adaptations.
The scope of practice should be clearly defined to prevent practitioners from venturing into areas beyond their expertise.
The capitalistic nature of healthcare can lead to exploitation and the prioritization of profit over patient well-being.
The future of healthcare will be shaped by rapid technological advancements, which will bring about significant changes in the industry. Be mindful of where you spend your energy and avoid getting worked up over ridiculous conversations.
Focus on what you can control and influence, such as your own actions and choices.
Accept that there are things outside of your control and don’t waste energy on trying to change them.
Anticipate and adapt to the rate of change in the world and prioritize the challenges that truly matter.
Take time to enjoy life’s pleasures and plan regular gatherings to connect with friends and loved ones.


00:00 Introduction and St. Patrick’s Day Stories
03:00 The Issue of Dry Needling and Acupuncture
12:00 Comparing Plastic Surgeons to Pediatricians and Acupuncturists to Personal Trainers
19:00 The Nationwide Issue of Dry Needling
32:00 The Rapidly Evolving Therapies Ecosystem
35:00 The Nuances of Acupuncture Education and Practice
36:00 The Potential Impact of Allowing Dry Needling
36:23 The Safety Concerns of Dry Needling
42:13 The Evolution of Martial Arts
53:31 The Scope of Practice and Training in Dry Needling
56:17 The Capitalistic Nature of Healthcare
01:04:00 The Rapidly Changing Landscape of Healthcare
01:10:09 The Future of Healthcare and Technological Advancements
01:13:00 Not Giving Energy to Ridiculous Conversations
01:13:39 Control and Influence
01:14:35 Accepting What’s Outside of Your Control
01:15:25 Rate of Change and Future Challenges
01:16:27 Enjoying Life’s Pleasures
01:17:00 Planning Regular Gatherings
01:17:26 Closing Remarks