Technology Biases


It seems like we talk about biases all the time.  We're trying to be more aware of ours, so we dove into a BIG source of bias...religion. Funny we never get hate mail from the atheists.

It seems like we talk about biases all the time.  We’re trying to be more aware of ours, so we dove into a BIG source of bias…religion. Funny we never get hate mail from the atheists.


The conversation explores the toxicity of religious conversations and the potential downfall of AI. It delves into the biases and limitations of AI and the stoic philosophy. The discussion also touches on the diversity of beliefs and the objections to technology. The concept of a universal connection and the opposition to technology are explored. The conversation highlights the need for technology to work with humans and the shift in perspective. It also discusses the excitement of technology and the exploration of different personalities. The concept of multiple personalities and the need for real conversations are addressed. The application of business course learnings and the nonsensical conversations about AI are discussed. The conversation concludes with the potential of AI in health.


  • Religious conversations can be toxic and lead to biased and unproductive discussions.
  • AI may face challenges due to biases and limitations, but it has the potential to revolutionize various fields.
  • The stoic philosophy emphasizes the importance of focusing on reality rather than emotional reactions.
  • The diversity of beliefs and objections to technology can hinder progress and understanding.
  • Technology should work with humans and adapt to their needs and perspectives.
  • Exploring different personalities and having real conversations can lead to personal growth and understanding.
  • AI has the potential to greatly impact healthcare and improve outcomes.


00:00 The Toxicity of Religious Conversations
32:20 The Potential Downfall of AI
33:15 The Bias of AI
34:10 The Stoic Philosophy
35:02 The Diversity of Beliefs
35:48 The Objection to Technology
36:09 The Universal Connection
37:26 The Opposition to Technology
38:39 Technology Working with Humans
39:21 The Shift in Perspective
40:15 The Biases in Conversations
41:13 The Excitement of Technology
41:59 The Open-Mindedness Towards Technology
43:19 The Personalization of AI
44:14 The Limitations of Human Interaction
45:18 The Exploration of Different Personalities
46:27 The Concept of Multiple Personalities
47:35 The Conversations with Different Parts of the Self
48:58 The Need for Real Conversations
50:59 The Application of Business Course Learnings
52:28 The Nonsensical Conversations about AI
53:36 The Predictability of Humans
54:07 The Adjustments to AI
55:11 The Potential of AI in Health