Patenting your Cool AI Thing
Irreverent Health-064-Patenting your Cool AI Thing


AI again? We just talked about that last week.  Seriously, this will be the biggest disruptor around, and yes, it could revolutionize your health and everything else.  

AI again? We just talked about that last week.  Seriously, this will be the biggest disruptor around, and yes, it could revolutionize your health and everything else.


The conversation explores the evolution and impact of AI, the convergence of technologies, the accessibility of AI tools, the uneven distribution of AI knowledge, the power of AI in antibody design, the debate on patenting AI-generated work, the intersection of AI and art, and the challenges and opportunities of AI in medicine. The conversation explores the challenges and implications of patenting AI-created inventions, the changing definition of patents, and the enforcement of patents for AI-created solutions. It delves into the impact of AI on various industries, including healthcare, education, and government. The conversation also highlights the polarization of views on AI and the need for technologically savvy leaders. It discusses the potential of blockchain and quantum computing, the emergence of alternative currencies, and the disruption of traditional systems by AI. The conversation concludes with a focus on the intersection of technology and healthcare, the challenges of implementing AI in healthcare, and the potential for positive change with AI.


  • AI has rapidly evolved and is impacting various industries and aspects of life.
  • The convergence of technologies, such as AI, robotics, and DNA sequencing, is leading to new possibilities and advancements.
  • The accessibility of AI tools is increasing, allowing more people to leverage its capabilities.
  • The distribution of AI knowledge is uneven, with only a small percentage of the population fully understanding and utilizing AI.
  • AI is revolutionizing antibody design and the development of new treatments.
  • The patenting of AI-generated work raises questions about ownership and creativity.
  • AI is intersecting with art, challenging traditional notions of creativity and authorship.
  • AI has the potential to revolutionize medicine and improve healthcare outcomes.


00:00 Introduction and Reflection on the Podcast
01:30 The Evolution of AI and Its Impact
05:49 The Accessibility of AI Tools
08:43 The Uneven Distribution of AI Knowledge
11:39 The Power of AI in Antibody Design
16:14 The Role of AI in Solving Problems
25:27 The Intersection of AI and Art
29:08 The Challenges and Opportunities of AI in Medicine
30:24 The Challenge of Patenting AI-Created Inventions
31:16 The Changing Definition of Patenting
32:14 Enforcing Patents for AI-Created Solutions
33:29 The Impact of AI on Various Industries
34:16 The Role of AI in Education and the Workplace
35:21 The Polarization of Views on AI in Healthcare
36:08 The Influence of Government in Technological Advancements
37:19 The Control and Manipulation of Society
38:00 The Lack of Technological Understanding in Government
38:56 The Need for Technologically Savvy Leaders
40:28 The Potential of Blockchain and Quantum Computing
44:22 The Emergence of Alternative Currencies
46:42 The Disruption of Traditional Systems by AI
50:21 The Excitement and Uncertainty of AI in Healthcare
52:12 The Shift Towards Problem-Solving and Impactful Solutions
56:30 The Intersection of Technology and Healthcare
59:13 The Challenges of Implementing AI in Healthcare
01:00:29 The Potential for Positive Change with AI
01:02:23 The Shift in Goals and Priorities
01:03:05 The Freedom of Creativity and Artistry