Killing the Word Biohacking
Irreverent Health-044-Killing the Word Biohacking


Quantified self, Human Optimization, Biohacking—what do they all mean? Why did Tom change his tune about the "movement?"  Could it be that a particular "type" of person is associated with it?  

Quantified self, Human Optimization, Biohacking—what do they all mean? Why did Tom change his tune about the “movement?”  Could it be that a particular “type” of person is associated with it?



In this conversation, Matt and Tom discuss the passion they have for conversations and how they never know which topics will ignite their interest. They delve into the fear of death and the quest for immortality that drives the biohacking movement. They question the use of the term ‘biohacking’ and its association with marketing. The cost of immortality is explored, along with the impact of aging and the pursuit of genetic advantages. They also discuss the sensationalism and commercialization of health and the cult of personality that surrounds some biohackers. This conversation explores the influence of research in the health industry and the limitations of deep dives into health topics. It also discusses the commercialization of health and wellness, focusing on the controversy surrounding Dave Asprey and the appeal and criticism of Bulletproof Coffee. The conversation delves into the marketing tactics of health influencers and the importance of accountability in the industry. It also touches on the role of science fiction in predicting the future and the challenges of balancing profit and ethics. Lastly, it explores the complexity of dietary recommendations. In this conversation, Matt and Tom discuss various topics, including the journey of bulletproof coffee, demanding coffee preferences, navigating coffee orders, business education and practice management, designing a workspace, technical difficulties, professional nesting, and the possibility of a future episode in the studio.



Passion for conversations can lead to unexpected interests and discussions.
The fear of death drives the quest for immortality in the biohacking movement.
The term ‘biohacking’ is associated with marketing and may not accurately represent the pursuit of health and longevity.
The cost of immortality is a significant factor in the pursuit of longevity.
The impact of aging and the desire for genetic advantages are key topics in the biohacking community.
The sensationalism and commercialization of health can distort the true goals of biohackers.
Some biohackers develop a cult of personality, which can influence their followers and the perception of their work. Research plays a significant role in shaping the health industry, but it is important to recognize its limitations and the potential for commercialization.
Health influencers and wellness brands often use marketing tactics that may not align with ethical standards, and it is crucial to approach their claims with skepticism.
The future of health and wellness is unpredictable, and science fiction can provide insights into potential advancements and challenges.
Balancing profit and ethics is a complex issue in the health industry, and it is essential to critically evaluate the motivations and actions of individuals and companies.
Dietary recommendations are multifaceted, and it is important to consider a variety of factors when making decisions about personal nutrition. Bulletproof coffee can be a fascinating topic of conversation, especially when discussing its journey and debunking any misconceptions.
Coffee preferences can become quite demanding, with individuals having specific requirements for origin, altitude, and processing methods.
Ordering coffee can sometimes be a humorous and challenging experience, especially when trying to communicate specific preferences to baristas.
Business education and practice management are essential for professionals, even if they may seem basic to those with a business degree.



00:00 Passion for Conversations
03:00 The Fear of Death
06:00 The Biohacking Term
09:00 The Quest for Immortality
12:00 The Cost of Immortality
15:00 The Impact of Aging
18:00 Blood Doping and Genetic Advantages
21:00 The Marketing Game
24:00 The Sensationalism of Health
27:00 The Cult of Personality
29:00 The Commercial Success of Biohackers
30:09 The Influence of Research in the Health Industry
31:23 The Limitations of Deep Dives in Health Topics
32:32 The Commercialization of Health and Wellness
34:05 The Controversy Surrounding Dave Asprey
36:02 The Appeal and Criticism of Bulletproof Coffee
38:52 The Marketing Tactics of Health Influencers
42:12 The Ethics of Health and Wellness Promotion
45:02 The Importance of Accountability in the Health Industry
49:19 The Role of Science Fiction in Predicting the Future
56:06 The Challenges of Balancing Profit and Ethics
58:13 The Complexity of Dietary Recommendations
59:29 The Journey of Bulletproof Coffee
01:00:14 Demanding Coffee Preferences
01:01:28 Navigating Coffee Orders
01:02:34 Business Education and Practice Management
01:03:20 Designing a Workspace
01:05:42 Technical Difficulties
01:07:55 Professional Nesting
01:09:24 Future Episode in the Studio