Healthier Cities
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A city planned around the health and well-being of the citizens?!?  WTF? It's not happening stateside.  Tom and Matt talk about all the ways society would change if it did.

A city planned around the health and well-being of the citizens?!?  WTF? It’s not happening stateside.  Tom and Matt talk about all the ways society would change if it did.



The conversation explores the challenges and opportunities in urban development and its impact on health and access to resources. It discusses the desire for outdoor activities and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare workers. The cost and availability of preventative testing are examined, highlighting the potential benefits of early detection. The conversation also delves into the importance of personalized healthcare and the impact of the environment on health. The potential of urban green spaces and the cost of living in urban areas are explored. The conversation concludes by emphasizing the universal right to a healthy life and the need for inclusive and sustainable urban development. The conversation explores various themes related to urban living, socioeconomic gaps, revitalizing cities, generational differences in information filtering, the quest for immortality, the convenience of meat vending machines, and the humbling experience of stargazing. In this conversation, Matt and Tom discuss various mind-boggling aspects of the universe and the implications they have on our worldview. They explore the vastness of the universe and the humbling realization that we are just a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things. They also contemplate the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the potential existence of advanced civilizations that may have already come and gone. Additionally, they touch on the impact of language and the importance of being mindful of the words we use and the potential harm they can cause.


Urban development plays a significant role in health and access to resources.
Preventative testing can have a positive impact on early detection and treatment.
Personalized healthcare is crucial for addressing individual needs and improving outcomes.
The environment and access to green spaces can have a profound effect on health and well-being.
The cost of living in urban areas can impact health and quality of life. The future of urban living should prioritize green spaces and sustainable practices.
Socioeconomic gaps in cities can lead to disparities in access to resources and opportunities.
Revitalizing cities requires addressing the needs of the entire population, not just a select few.
Generational differences in information filtering highlight the importance of critical thinking and media literacy.
The pursuit of immortality raises ethical and societal questions.
Meat vending machines offer convenience and access to high-quality, sustainable food.
Stargazing can provide a humbling perspective on the vastness of the universe and our place in it. The universe is incredibly vast, and our place in it is minuscule. It’s humbling to consider the scale of the cosmos and our relative insignificance.
There is a possibility of extraterrestrial life, and it’s narrow-minded to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. The existence of advanced civilizations that have already disappeared is a thought-provoking concept.
Language has a significant impact, and it’s crucial to be mindful of the words we use. Apologizing and course-correcting when we realize our language may be offensive or harmful is important for personal growth and creating a more inclusive society.


00:00 Working in the Mountains
00:26 Advocating for Not Working
01:04 The Desire for Outdoor Activities
01:27 Healthcare Workers’ Burnout
03:02 Challenges in Healthcare
04:02 The Cost of Medical Tests
05:02 Preventative Testing
06:18 The Cost of Preventative Testing
07:14 Insurance Companies’ Priorities
08:05 The Potential Impact of Preventative Testing
09:26 The Value of Preventative Testing
10:25 The Cost of Preventative Testing
12:14 The Importance of Personalized Healthcare
13:22 The Impact of Environment on Health
14:17 Access to Clean Water
15:36 Urban Development and Access
16:40 The Future of Urban Development
17:24 The Potential of Urban Green Spaces
19:14 The Impact of Urban Environment on Health
20:16 The Cost of Living in Urban Areas
21:06 The Health Consciousness of Different Cities
23:21 The Health Consciousness of Los Angeles
24:14 The Influence of Google’s City
26:11 The Challenge of Urban Development
28:23 The Impact of Economic Changes on Communities
30:37 The Transition from Coal Mining
34:35 The Influence of Google on Urban Development
35:32 The Universal Right to a Healthy Life
36:01 The Future of Urban Living
43:23 The Socioeconomic Gap
49:04 Revitalizing Cities
52:17 The Impact of Wealth on Cities
56:00 Generational Differences in Information Filtering
01:03:02 The Quest for Immortality
01:05:32 The Convenience of Meat Vending Machines
01:07:01 The Humbling Experience of Stargazing
01:09:52 The Vastness of the Universe
01:10:38 The Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life
01:11:18 The Impact of Language and Apologies