Bob Marley said, “In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty.”  Why is half the country so damn anti-science?  If that statement offends you send your hate mail to:

Bob Marley said, “In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty.”  Why is half the country so damn anti-science?  If that statement offends you send your hate mail to:


In this conversation, Matt and Tom discuss the impact of COVID-19 on various industries and the shift to remote work and virtual services. They explore the challenges faced by small businesses, the shortage of skilled labor, and the rise of extremist views in conversations. They also touch on the responsibility of public figures in spreading misinformation and the importance of critical thinking and filtering information. The conversation highlights the need for open and honest conversations and the importance of fact-checking and engaging in constructive dialogue. The conversation explores the dangers of misinformation and conspiracy theories, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights the importance of fact-checking and questioning authority, as well as the responsibility of influencers to provide accurate information. The conversation also delves into the limits of free speech and the need to balance individual rights with public health. It discusses the hypocrisy of public figures and the selective application of free speech. The influence of social media and the negative impact of platforms like Facebook are examined. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the value of self-help books and the problematic content of classic books. In this conversation, Tom and Matt discuss the process of writing books and the challenges of getting published. They also touch on the topic of kids’ food preferences. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of persistence and the need to adapt to changing circumstances.


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in various industries, including the shift to remote work and virtual services.
The great resignation is a result of employees realizing their leverage and seeking better job opportunities.
Misinformation and extremist views have become more prevalent in conversations, making it important to engage in critical thinking and fact-checking.
Open and honest conversations are crucial for addressing challenges and finding solutions. Writing a book requires dedication and consistency.
Getting published can be challenging due to the saturation of the market.
Children’s food preferences can be unpredictable and influenced by various factors.
Persistence and adaptability are key to success in various aspects of life.


00:00 Introduction and Excitement for New Technology
00:57 The Impact of COVID-19 on In-Person Events
02:31 The Shift to Online Workouts and Classes
04:07 The Success of Online Yoga Classes
05:12 The Long-Term Effects of Remote Work and Virtual Services
06:18 The Great Resignation and Job Market Changes
07:45 The Need for Personal Responsibility in Job Satisfaction
08:36 The Impact of Weakened Unions on Employee Advocacy
09:11 The Power of Collective Action and Employee Leverage
10:33 The Shortage of Skilled Labor and Job Opportunities
11:31 The Struggles of the Restaurant Industry
12:52 The Challenges Faced by Small Business Owners
16:19 The Increase in Polarized Conversations and Extremist Views
19:56 The Responsibility of Public Figures in Spreading Misinformation
21:36 The Impact of Misinformation on Public Health
23:20 The Difficulty of Changing People’s Beliefs
25:38 The Importance of Critical Thinking and Filtering Information
28:16 The Challenge of Overcoming Deeply Ingrained Habits and Language
29:48 The Need for Open and Honest Conversations
31:03 The Importance of Fact-Checking and Engaging in Constructive Dialogue
32:12 Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories
33:01 The Danger of Misinformation
34:08 Questioning Authority and Expertise
35:21 Fact-Checking and Correcting Misinformation
36:01 The Responsibility of Influencers
37:42 The Importance of Listening to Experts
38:37 The Problem with Biased Media
39:42 The Limits of Free Speech
40:21 Balancing Individual Rights and Public Health
41:17 The Consequences of Anti-Vaccine Beliefs
42:44 The Hypocrisy of Public Figures
44:08 Selective Application of Free Speech
45:33 The Inconsistency of Political Arguments
46:56 The Influence of Social Media
48:15 The Dangers of Doomscrolling
49:21 The Challenge of Changing Beliefs
50:18 The Illusion of the Silent Majority
51:33 The Irony of Corporate Rights
53:20 The Negative Impact of Social Media
54:26 The Limited Value of Facebook
55:35 The Appeal of TikTok
56:58 The Value of Headway App
01:00:01 The Relevance of Self-Help Books
01:02:01 The Problematic Content of Classic Books
01:03:08 The Formulaic Nature of Bestselling Books
01:04:20 Writing Books
01:06:21 Getting Published
01:07:57 Kids’ Food Preferences
01:08:30 Conclusion